Beef Gulasch – Rindsgulasch (serves 4)

70g butter
400g onion, finely chopped (can be coarse-grated in a food processor)
1 tb Hungarian rose paprika
some concentrated tomato puree (optional, to improve colour)
1 tb red wine vinegar
550g beef, not too lean
1/2 tsp caraway seeds
2 cloves garlic, ground to a paste
1 tb flour

Sauté onions slowly without browning them. Add paprika and vinegar, then the meat, followed by caraway, a little majoram, garlic and salt. Cover with water or stock and simmer. Add more liquid if necessary. Dust with flour to thicken. Bring to the boil once more.

[try coating meat in the paprika before adding]

Serve with boiled potatoes, home-made Nockerln or crusty white bread rolls.

The onions have to be chopped as fine as possible and be fried on low heat as long as possible without browning. Then they need to be boiled in the Gulash until they disintegrate completely. That’s the trick for a good gulasch, plenty of onions that have completely dissolved in the sauce, thickening and flavouring it at the same time…

And a Gulasch gets better with time and repeated re-heating. So make it a couple of days in advance and reheat it once a day.

Saftgulasch is prepared in the same way but with equal amounts of onion and meat. Hungarian Gulasch is prepared in the same way but with potatoes that are cooked together with the meat.

Source: Georg

1 thought on “Beef Gulasch – Rindsgulasch (serves 4)

  1. My gulasch comes out tough as old boots. How do you start cooking the meat? What temperature, is it slow cook or sautee?

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