Beef burgers (makes 5)

The essence of a burger is not overcooking it.

750 g beef skirt, or another cheap, lean cut with 10 – 20 % fat
1 tsp salt
1/3 tsp black pepper

Trim the meat of any gristle, dry thoroughly and cut into 25 mm pieces, including the fat. Put 200 g portions into food processor with the steel blade and coarsely mince with twenty 1-second pulses. Note the colder the meat is, the better it will mince. Spread the meat out thinly and sprinkle seasonings over then mix them in thoroughly with your hands.

The Danish option: finely chop 4 tb capers and add.

Take 150 g portions and press tightly into a ball with your hands, then slowly squeeze flat between your palms, keeping the edge in shape with your fingertips. Aim for a thickness of 18 – 25 mm. Make a shallow depression in the middle of the top side with your fingers, like the beginning of a doughnut. This will disappear as the burger cooks ensuring even thickness. Brush both sides with oil and either barbecue over moderate heat or fry in a lightly oiled cast-iron pan over moderately high heat. Allow 4 mins for the first side then 2 for the flip, giving a burger just cooked through. Rest a few minutes.

For those secret admirers of McD’s, eating these with thinly sliced gherkins, mayo and ketchup will  pretty much get you there.

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