celeriac velouté

The humble celeriac is transformed into a luxurious velouté through generous amounts of wine, port and cream. (The 400ml cream are not a typo…) Easy and fast.

60 g butter
50 g shallots or onions, coarsely chopped
500 g celeriac, coarsely chopped
1 litre chicken stock or good vegetable stock
125 ml white wine, not too dry
80 ml white port
400 ml full fat cream
lemon juice
salt, pepper

Gently fry shallots and chopped celeriac in the butter. Add the stock, wine and port. Simmer for 30 mins. Blend until smooth, add cream. Let reduce a bit if necessary. Season with salt, pepper and a couple of dashes of lemon juice.

Garnish with deep fried parsley, celery straw or Jerusalem artichoke. Apples, truffles, porcini or other mushrooms should also work.

after a recipe by Austrian cook Werner Matt

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