elderflower syrup

This is a great cordial that preserves the taste of spring for all seasons. This recipe is for one 10-liter bucket.

400 grs elderflower blossoms (ca. 100 pieces)
4 kg sugar
120 grs citric acid
200 grs organic lemons
200 grs organic oranges
4 l water

Take a 10-liter bucket, clean thoroughly and disinfect with boiling water. Bring 2 liters of water to a boil, dip lemons and oranges in it for 10 seconds to sterilise, take them out, cut into thin slices and place in bucket. Add sugar to hot water and when fully dissolved pour into the bucket. Let cool.

Pick elderflowers around lunchtime in full sun, they will be most aromatic like that. Put them into the bucket one by one, removing leaves, insects and other unwanted objects. Add remaining 2 liters of water and stir well. Cover with a big plate or cling film and store in a dark cool place for 5-6 days. Stir once each day with a disinfected cooking spoon.

Strain through a sieve and once more through a muslin cloth or fine filter paper. Fill into sterilized bottles.

This keeps for a year or longer. If you were not careful with hygiene, it might start to ferment, then you get elderflower champagne and possibly exploding bottles, so store them in a suitable place in the beginning just for safety.

Depending on how well you filter you sometimes get a slimy residue on the bottom of the bottle, just shake the bottle before pouring.


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