Spajiro Spaghetti

Sami was craving for pasta in Tokyo and I very reluctantly went into a Japanese-Italian-Pasta-Fusion joint, Spajiro. This is a retro-engineered version of the very satisfying dish I had there that makes natto, the infamous fermented soy beans, accessible even for the sceptics. Serves two.

200 grs. spaghetti
100 grs. onion
2 cloves garlic
1 dried red chile
100 grs. bacon, cut into small cubes
100 grs. shimeji or other mushrooms
2 large handfuls of fresh spinach
200 grs. natto
4 umeboshi

soy sauce
shredded wakame

Chop and fry onion and garlic with the whole chili until softened, add bacon and fry slowly until slightly crisped. Add mushrooms, when softened add spinach and fry until wilted. Turn the heat off, add the chopped umeboshi and the natto (without the dashi and mustard that comes with in the little sachets). Mix with the pasta and season to tasted with a little bit of soy sauce. sprinkle with shredded wakame.

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