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green papaya or mango salad (serves 1)

1 small green (underripe) papaya or mango
1 tsp palm sugar softened in a little water
pinch chopped garlic
pinch chopped birdseye chilli
5 x 10 cm pieces snake bean
few roasted peanuts
pinch chopped dried shrimps
1 tb fish sauce
1 tb tamarind water
4 cherry plum tomatoes, halved
juice of up to 1 lime

Peel papaya/mango and finely shred on mandoline. Put garlic, chilli, beans in mortar and bruise with pestle. Add everything else and bruise once more. Add the papaya and bruise once more. Serve.

Carefully control the amount of lime according to taste.

Source: Rick Stein’s seafood odyssey