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beghrir – Moroccan semolina pancakes

Great as a dessert or for breakfast!

125 grs fine semolina
50 grs plain all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
100ml milk
250 ml water
1 egg
15 grs dried yeast
orangeblossom- or rose-water
fresh berries, to serve

Sieve Flour into a bowl, add semolina and salt, mix. Warm the milk and water together to 35’C. Add egg, sugar and yeast. Pour over semolina mixture. Mix gently for 10 minutes. Cover and leave in a warm place for two hours until frothy. Fry small pancakes over low heat on one side only, do not turn. Small bubbles should appear on the upper side. Do not pile pancakes on top of each other while they are hot.

Gently warm a lump of butter together with some honey. Add a dash of orangeblossom- or rose-water. Mix well and spread onto the pancakes before serving.

Serve with thick yoghurt and fresh berries, garnish with mint. Great with Moroccan thé à la menthe.

moroccan mint tea & cornes de gazelle

For this you need some Chinese gunpowder tea, using one small teapsoon per cup and good fresh mint leaves. “Wash” the tea by covering the required amount of tea with one cup of boiling water, wait one minute, strain. Half fill a teapot with fresh mint leaves, add the washed tea and boiling water. Add sugar to taste straight to the pot. It should be quite sweet!

Pour the first glass and return it to the teapot, repeat this a couple of times to mix the tea well. Taste and if required let brew longer or add sugar. Serve by pouring from quite a distance, about half a meter into small glasses to form a foamy head. This really makes a difference!

I found a wonderful pastry called cornes de gazelle in a small patisserie in Casablanca and they go very well with the tea.

filo pastry
300grs almonds, skinned and ground
120 grs sugar
50 grs butter
cinammon, icing sugar

Mix almonds, sugar, a tbsp of rosewater, a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and butter to form a dough. Shape into little cylinders. Brush filo pastry with butter, cut into squares of ca. 8×8 cms , fill with the almonds and roll into a horn shape. Brush with butter and bake 15 minutes at 160 oC. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve warm.