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Nikumiso is simple and satisfying Isakaya dish of ground meat and miso that I discovered in Kagoshima. It is fast to prepare and great as a dip for raw vegetables or on top of cold or hot noodles. Continue reading Nikumiso


stock science part 1: dashi

Dashi is one of the most essential ingredients in Japanese cuisine for all kinds of soups, sauces and simmering liquids. Instant dashi-powder is an absolute no-go because it is full of artificial stuff and does not taste remotely as good as your own easy to make stock. Continue reading stock science part 1: dashi


I had my first taste of Ceviche while filming near the Chilean border with Peru, in a plastic shack on the beach, very memorable. Ceviche is a traditional Peruvian dish that has become popular around the globe. It is also very easy and quick to make, requires no cooking and is the perfect summer dish. The basic components are raw fish cured in citrus juice, chilli, alliums and aromatic herbs. There are infinite variations, below are some tried and tested examples, including a vegetarian version. Continue reading Ceviche